Class BitStreamIndexReader.BitStreamIndexReaderIndexIterator

    • Field Detail

      • ibs

        protected final InputBitStream ibs
        The underlying input bit stream.
      • hasPositions

        protected final boolean hasPositions
        The cached copy of index.hasPositions.
      • hasCounts

        protected final boolean hasCounts
        The cached copy of index.hasCounts.
      • hasPayloads

        protected final boolean hasPayloads
        The cached copy of index.hasPayloads.
      • hasSkips

        protected final boolean hasSkips
        Whether the underlying index has skips.
      • payload

        protected final Payload payload
        The payload, in case the index of this reader has payloads, or null.
      • b

        protected int b
        The parameter b for Golomb coding of pointers.
      • log2b

        protected int log2b
        The parameter log2b for Golomb coding of pointers; it is the most significant bit of b.
      • currentTerm

        protected long currentTerm
        The current term.
      • frequency

        protected long frequency
        The current frequency.
      • hasPointers

        protected boolean hasPointers
        Whether the current terms has pointers at all (this happens when the frequency is smaller than the number of documents).
      • count

        protected int count
        The current count (if this index contains counts).
      • currentDocument

        protected long currentDocument
        The last document pointer we read from current list, -1 if we just read the frequency, DocumentIterator.END_OF_LIST if we are beyond the end of list.
      • numberOfDocumentRecord

        protected long numberOfDocumentRecord
        The number of the document record we are going to read inside the current inverted list.
      • state

        protected int state
        This variable tracks the current state of the reader.
      • height

        public final int height
        The parameter h (the maximum height of a skip tower).
      • quantum

        public long quantum
        The quantum.
      • quantumModuloMask

        public long quantumModuloMask
        The bit mask giving the remainder of the division by quantum.
      • quantumDivisionShift

        public int quantumDivisionShift
        The shift giving result of the division by quantum.
      • currentPosition

        protected int currentPosition
        The index of the next position to be returned by nextPosition().
      • positionCache

        protected int[] positionCache
        The cached position array.