Class ContiguousDocumentalStrategy

    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      ContiguousDocumentalStrategy​(long... cutPoint)
      Creates a new contiguous strategy with the given cutpoints.
    • Method Summary

      Modifier and Type Method Description
      long globalPointer​(int localIndex, long localPointer)
      Returns the global document pointer given a local index and a local document pointer.
      int localIndex​(long globalPointer)
      Returns the index to which a given global document pointer is be mapped by this strategy.
      long localPointer​(long globalPointer)
      Returns the local document pointer corresponding to a global document pointer.
      long numberOfDocuments​(int localIndex)
      Returns the number of documents that will be assigned to the given local index.
      int numberOfLocalIndices()
      Returns the number of local indices created by this strategy.
      Properties[] properties()
      Returns an array of properties, one for each local index, that specify additional information about local indices.
      String toString()  
    • Constructor Detail

      • ContiguousDocumentalStrategy

        public ContiguousDocumentalStrategy​(long... cutPoint)
        Creates a new contiguous strategy with the given cutpoints.

        Note that DocumentalStrategies has ready-made factory methods for the common cases.

        cutPoint - an array of cutpoints (see the class description}.