Class Query

  • public class Query
    extends Object
    A command-line interpreter to query indices.

    This class can be used to start a query engine from the command line. Optionally, it can start a web server that will serve the results in a search-engine-like environment. Changes to the query engine made on the command line will reflect on subsequent queries (also on the web server). The web server access is fully multithreaded.

    This class does not provide command-line history or editing: to get that effect, we suggest to rely on some operating-system utility such as rlwrap.

    Warning: This class is highly experimental (it is the place that we tweak to experiment every kind of new indexing/ranking method).

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      • interpretCommand

        public boolean interpretCommand​(String line)
        Interpret the given command, changing the static variables. See the help printing code for possible commands.
        line - the command line.
        false iff we should exit after this command.