Class BM25FScorer.Visitor

    • Field Detail

      • sizeWeightComponent

        protected final double[] sizeWeightComponent
        Cached from BM25Scorer.
      • seenOffsetsList

        protected final int[] seenOffsetsList
        An array accumulating the indices in seen that have been set to true, so to accelerate reset(long).
      • numberOfOffsetsSeen

        protected int numberOfOffsetsSeen
        The number of valid entries in seenOffsetsList.
      • seen

        protected final boolean[] seen
        Whether we have already seen a specific term/index pair.
      • numberOfTermsSeen

        protected int numberOfTermsSeen
        The number of terms (irrespective of the index) seen up to now and accumulated in seenTermIdsList.
      • seenTermIdsList

        protected final int[] seenTermIdsList
        The list of numberOfTermsSeen term ids that we have seen so far.
      • termId2VirtualCounter

        protected final int[] termId2VirtualCounter
        For each term id, its virtual-counter index (to be used to access virtualCount and virtualIdfCount).
      • sizes

        protected final IntBigList[] sizes
        For each index, its list of document sizes.
      • weight

        protected final double[] weight
        For each index, its weight.
      • index2B

        protected final double[] index2B
        For each index, the associated parameter b.
      • expectedIDF

        protected final boolean expectedIDF
        Whether we are running Boldi's variant.
      • offset2TermId

        protected final int[] offset2TermId
        For each offset, the corresponding term id in the query.
      • offset2Index

        protected final int[] offset2Index
        An array indexed by offsets mapping each offset to the corresponding index number.
      • virtualCount

        protected final double[] virtualCount
        An array indexed by term ids used by BM25FScorer.score() to compute virtual counts.
      • virtualIdfCount

        protected final double[] virtualIdfCount
        For expected IDF runs, an array indexed by term ids used by BM25FScorer.score() to compute virtual counts combined with IDF scoring.
      • index2BDividedByAvgDocumentSize

        protected final double[] index2BDividedByAvgDocumentSize
        Cached value.
      • idfPart

        protected final double[] idfPart
        Precomputed IDF part.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Visitor

        public Visitor​(boolean expectedIDF,
                       double[] idfPart,
                       int[] offset2TermId,
                       int[] offset2Index,
                       double[] weight,
                       double[] index2B,
                       IntBigList[] sizes,
                       double[] index2BDividedByAvgDocumentSize)